I am an experimental textile designer with a passion for creating and working with sustainable textiles. My work aims to not harm the earth, because it is my main source of inspiration. I am  mainly inspired by the rich colors, sights, and the culture of the American Southwest, specifically Santa Fe, New Mexico. All parts of Santa Fe inspire me, from unique warm tones of adobe and blues of the mountains, Spanish tiles, greens of the prickly pear to the smell of warm red chilis. Sustainability is important to me because I do not want to ruin these beautiful sights that inspire me so much. I try to uses natural materials whenever my designs allow such as natural dyes, up-cycling, and reconstruction. I enjoy the act of transforming materials such as old denim or recycled materials, into something new and modern. I believe there are so many clothes already out there that just need some touching up and reworking. Some of my design-related experiences include interning as a dress designer for Free People, styling and sales for Red Clover Boutique, and working as a dye apprentice for Miranda Bennett Studio

Photo by Emma Craft